Youtube gamer playing Xbox

Xbox Used Games – Just isn’t the Same Anymore

Youtube gamer playing Xbox

Youtube gamer playing Xbox games : I had been a video gamer for quite a number of years and had invested loads of money into my favourite consoles when the latest shock was thrown at me. I had been surfing the net for hours looking for Xbox used games to put up for sale but unfortunately came up dry. I came to know that buying an Xbox used meant more of a gamble than buying a new one. I quickly came to accept that with a console such as the Sony PlayStation 3 you have to make sure you get a lot of games as it has become a trend in the games industry. Games are expensive and I don’t want to have a games console that I have only played 5 minutes of and never know if I want to play it or not. So I decided to accept defeat and set a goal of finding great Xbox used games so I could re-emphasise the value of great Xbox used games.

So after quite a lot of fruitless searching I decided to throw caution to the wind, I went online and started browsing with a whole heap of search terms; Xboxused games, Xbox 360 games, Xbox DS games, PSP games, PC games, Wii games, Guitar Hero games, Fable II games, Halo 3 games,ails game, hotel games, Disney games, fighting games, Call of duty, concealable games, gun, puzzle, roleplay, tony hawk, monks, New York Rangers,Season 2 of Vice City, Star wars, and Xbox 360 plus much more. I just kept going till I literally could not find anything. I was about to give up when I came across one that I liked, I had found a site that seller for Xbox 360 plus all the games that I desired. I quickly made my purchase and was dared to wait for a seller to get to me english speakingagents so I could speak with a seller before having my possession.

That was it, I got my xbox 360 plus all the game I wanted with out spending more than a tenner. I was so excited that I kept my xbox 360 plus games. I kept it for a couple of months and when I got tired of playing video games with my Xbox 360 controllers I went looking for a bigger joy out there, I wanted a computer.

I got a new nintendo zXbox 360, I loved it in fact I still play it even though I’m PC Leaning. It was so nice to have a console that fits on my desk and doesn’t take up much room. Some people have the mindset that you can only play PC games on PC which is total nonsense. I can also run Linux on it. Playing more numbers of PC games on PC can be a great experience, I personally love to play the bigger numbers of RPG PC games like Fallout 3 and Bioshock. But zXbox 360 is undoubtedly my favourite, I can play computer and console games on it but I will always use it as a PC, so I have to make the choice, if you don’t have a PC don’t be stupid and buy one, they are just for kids. Youtube gamer playing Xbox

Let me explain what I mean by PC gaming. I have a passion for playing computer games, I actually have several computers I work with. I have a Parabolic Laptop, an Apple laptop and a Microsoft laptop. All these are different in size, shape, lights etc. If you have ever seen a bulky computer, ( Predator, Falcon, X- hysteria, Glider etc.) that was actually a computer I wanted to modify/irlend. Now that’s called an Inspiration.

I chose a basic Inspiration build basically because it was an Inspiration build. But in case you couldn’t tell from the pictures I gave you, it’s a mini gaming laptop. And let me add that it’s not compatible with any kinds of disk drives, so you will have to use a flash drive of 4 gigabytes or more. Which is fine if you’re not going to use it for gaming or storing your MP3 collection, or doing anything else. Youtube gamer playing Xbox

I’m sure I have not covered EVERYTHING, but basically those are the main three types of laptops, have a small gaming laptop, a regular laptop or a gaming notebook, or a gaming computer.

Now let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of each. Youtube gamer playing Xbox

My personal favourite is the regular laptop, heh, but it’s such a good choice as to pick it over any other. You can choose between a wide selection of colours and the most modern gaming favourites like nintendo 64 & sega genesis. But you can also have an entry level laptop that’s just as good, with memory, storage space and graphics. But the main benefit is obviously the much reduced price.

So in conclusion, there isn’t really one major benefit to any one computer system, each has its own pros and cons.